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Liu Ming Yuan(劉明源)

Liu Ming-Yuan (1931-1996) was hailed internationally as "The Magic Player of Chinese Bowed String Instruments" and "Commander Hu" among Huqin players in China. He is an all-rounder investing his talents in performance, composition, teaching and instrumental reform. In 1952, he joined the Beijing Film Music Orchestra, an orchestra with only 8 members then and over 80 now. In the 50s, LIU Ming-yuan reformed the structure of the Banhu, and turned this kind of instrument into a solo instrument rather than one just for companiment. He also successfully integrated the techniques of the Matouqin into his arrangement of On the Grassland for the Zhonghu and the characteristics of Hanan music into his composition A Ditty of Henan for the Erhu.  His musical works included Festive Joy and Fortunate Year for Chinese ensemble, A Ditty of Henan for solo Erhu, and the Zhonghu solos On the Grassland and Return of the Shepherds. He had arranged and orchestrated over 40 pieces of music, and had participated in the performance of over 100 pieces of film music. He started teaching at the Conservatory of Chinese Music in Beijing in 1982, growing up over 300 musicians from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore. He became a most representative master of Chinese traditional music after Liu Tianhua and Ah Bing.