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Song Fei (宋飞)

Song Fei, born in 1969, is a female Erhu player and is called "Queen of Chinese folk music." She can play 13 kinds of instruments including Erhu, lute and koto.

When she was 7 years old, she began to learn Erhu from her father Song Guosheng, who is a professor at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. In 1981 she entered the affiliated middle school of Tianjin Conservatory of Music and in 1987 she became a student of the China Conservatory of Music. She learned Erhu and Koto at that school and became an Erhu soloist with the China National Orchestra. In 2000 she earned her masters degrees in Erhu and Koto playing.

Song Fei won a lot of music competitions when she was a middle school student. She received a lot of awards in national and international competitions. As a representative of Chinese musicians, she has traveled around the world and has also received the honor of performing Chinese folk music at Carnegie Hall and Golden Concert Hall.

In the 1990s, Song Fei joined in the female Philharmonic led by Zheng Xiaoying, who is a famous female conductor and they performed at a lot of universities in China. She has put a lot of effort into promoting Chinese folk music. At the same time they also performed in Europe and the performance was a big success. One time during an encore Song Fei played Korsakov's masterpiece Flight of the Bumble Bee, delighting the audience.

In 1996, Song Fei formed the 9 Flowers folk music team with 8 other talented young female performers. They did a lot of work introducing, researching and performing Chinese folk music pieces. They and their performances revived interest in Chinese folk music in China.

During the spring festivals of 1998 and 1999, Song Fei performed in the Golden Hall twice along with the China National Orchestra and her Erhu performance impressed the European audience a lot.

In 1999, Song Fei suddenly gave up her position in the orchestra and became a professor teaching Erhu. She said that she is deeply inspired by her father, who is a good teacher and furthermore, she wants more students to be as outstanding as herself. She is eager to develop folk music amongst young people.

In 2002, Song Fei held her solo concert entitled the 13 strings in Beijing. During the concert she played 13 instruments including Erhu, Gaohu, kono and lute. The concert was a huge success.