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How to change strings


- Change one string at a time so that the qianjin does not get messed up
- Loosen and remove one the inner string
- Take a new string out of the package and unwind it
- Take the looped end of the string and loop it over the screw at the base of the erhu
- Fold 0.5cm of the pointed end of the string and pass it through the qianjin
- Take the folded end and pass it through the hole in the peg
- Loop the string once in an anticlockwise direction(or clockwise direction for outer string)
- Push the folded tip back into the peg, making sure the loop over the peg is lodged in between
- This prevents the string from slipping off and conceals the pointed tip
- Turn the peg in an anticlockwise direction to tighten(or clockwise for outer string)
- Repeat for the outer string.
- Tune the outer string to A and the inner string to D